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Proud to be one of the leading manufacturers in Swiss precision turning parts in the country as well as having more than 20 years of experience in this field, we are confident and always stand by the quality of our products through the use of Swiss technology and machinery. Our precision parts were used in various industries from Aerospace, Military, to Automobile Machining.


Electronic Connectors and Applications

AVF Decolletage offers Electronic and Electric Connectors such as Pin and Socket, Contact Pin Male & Female. Our connectors are made from Brass C36000, C17300, C54400 (BZ4), C19160 (C97), C18700 (C99), etc. Our products have been used in various connectors application such as: Power & OCP Power Connectors, D-sub Connectors, Aerospace, Military Connectors, Data Connectors, Medical Connectors, Custom Connectors, etc.

Car Factory

Automobile Parts

We made wide variety of parts for Motorcycle and Automobile such as Antenna, Taper, Nozzle, Key, Contact, Pluger, Stopper, Pin, Cylinder, Joint, Insert, and Collar.

Fishing Reels and Rods

Fishing Reel and Rod Parts

We have been a quality supplier for fishing reel and rod parts such as: Ring, Reel Handle, Line Spool, Bail Arm, Line Roller, etc.

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Threaded Inserts

At AVF Decolletage, we offer a wide range of inserts – heat/ultrasonic, mold-in, press-in, self-tapping, and threaded studs for Plastic Injection Molding.  Our inserts can be made in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel, depending on our customers’ specifications, including custom orders.

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