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About Our Company

Driven by Success

Established in November 1999, VF Decolletage Co., Ltd. is the first company in Vietnam in the supporting industry that specializes in manufacturing high-precision components with Swiss Automatic Lathe and Swiss CNC Machines.

From numerous difficulties in the beginning, with the unanimity along with the incredible efforts of all employees, VF Decolletage is gradually becoming one of the leading manufacturers in the supporting industry in Vietnam. AVF Decolletage is a subsidiary of VF Decolletage that serve North America market.

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VF1 Capacity

Open 1999, Our VF1 located on a 22,000 square-foot facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam and was the first VF Decolletage.

VF1 Capacity

  • Automatic Swiss CAM Machine: 75 machines (Bechler + Tornos)

  • Swiss CNC Lathe: 15 machines (Star + Citizen + Tsugami)

  • CNC Mill: 7 machines (Kira + Miyano)

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VF2 Capacity

Our VF2 was opened 2010 on a 12,500 square-foot facility and within 2 miles from VF1.

VF2 Capacity:

  • Swiss CNC Lathe: 30 machines (Star + Citizen + Tsugami)

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VF3 Capacity

Our VF3 facility was opened on 2017 located on a 25,000 square-foot in Ho Chi Minh City. VF3 specialized in electronic connectors Pin & Socket contact, medical parts, and high quality components for North America market.

VF3 Capacity:

  • Automatic Swiss CAM Machine: 55 machines (Bechler + Tornos)

  • Swiss CNC Lathe: 32 machines (Star + Citizen + Tsugami)

  • CNC Mill: 2 machines (Moriseki + Miyano)

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VF4 Facility

VF4 is our newest facility that opened on 2020. VF4 is located on a 10,000 square foot facility on Da Nang City. This facility is specialized in Aluminum Products and Fishing Reel / Ring for Fishing Industry.

VF4 Facility

  • CNC Lathe: 17 machines (Citizen + Ikegai + Miyano)

  • CNC Mill: 12 machines (Moriseki + Tsugami + Robodrill)

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